Why Cosmetology and Halloween Go Great Together

Ah, Halloween is coming, but of course, you knew that already, September and October are the definition of sensory overload. You can’t walk into a store without seeing piles of decorations, candy, and haunted house promos, and every breath of fresh air you take, it seems, is laced with pumpkin spice and the cheap fabric from the (wayyy too expensive) costume you ordered on Amazon.

To us over here at Elevate Salon Institute, Durham, though, the sights and smells are much different. We see stacks of makeup brushes, hair products, and selfies on the salon floor, all complemented by the ever present scent of a beauty salon (you know which one we’re talking about).

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Get Your Cosmetology Education at a Fraction of the Regular Cost

Soon, Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Durham will open their doors, offering huge tuition reductions to the first three full-time cosmetology programs.

This school is a huge addition to our community, and something that our owner, Terry, has been working toward for nearly a decade. We are very excited to offer a well-rounded beauty education to the future professionals in Durham, North Carolina and to help build the future of this amazing industry.

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Meet Terry Richardson, Owner of Elevate Salon Institute, Durham

Every success has a story, and Terry Richardson and Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Durham has an amazing story full of trial, dedication, and ultimately, success.

It Begins With a Struggle

There is a point in every story where the hero (or heroine) faces the troubles of life head on and knows they need to make a change.

That moment for Terry was back in the mid 1980’s when, as a newly single mother, she knew she needed a career that would give her the flexibility to raise her three young children, while still giving her the income to support them. Continue reading