Meet Matt! Owner of ESI Durham

Just as all our students have different journeys into the world of beauty so do our owners. Matt Haverkamp, one of our owners and admissions coordinator found his way to Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Durham after years in corporate America.

While his journey into the world of beauty may not have been in the traditional route, Matt is passionate about his position and dedicated to his students. Matt genuinely displays how a career in beauty can lead to a joy you never expected.

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It’s Never too Late to Change Your Stars

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Durham we know that the educational journeys of our students can be as wide and as varied as the types of hair we cut. Your personal journey will be different from those around you and have as many twists and turns as a perfect crown braid!

No matter if you knew what you wanted in life, if you changed your mind a few times, or if life happened and sent you on a journey you will never forget; it is never too late to change your stars and pursue your dreams. Continue reading