5 Romantic Hairstyles You Have to Try This Valentine’s Day!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day from the team at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Durham! Got a date planned with your special someone? Or maybe you’re going to have a fun night-in with a group of friends? Whatever you’re doing for this love-filled holiday, use it as an opportunity to try something new with your hair! Here are five gorgeous (and easy) hairstyles that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


The term “chignon” is a French word for the nape of the neck, so it figures that this low bun has become an elegant classic for women across decades. This simple yet chic low bun is a great staple hairstyle to pull out for your Valentine’s Day dinner or any special occasion. Chignons also work perfectly with unwashed hair, so if you’re feeling a bit lazy come February 14th, that’s okay! Pair your chignon with your favorite LBD and a pair of heels and you’ll be ready to class it up this Valentine’s Day.

Back shot of a woman with brunette hair in a chignon wearing a strappy top.

Braided Headband

Braids are a fail-safe option for any occasion, but a braided headband takes it to a whole other level. This dreamy feminine hairstyle can turn normal hair into princess hair with just a few bobby pins! If you’ve got long hair or hair extensions, this style will work best for you. Braided crowns can be done with shorter hair, it just takes a little more work! You can even add in some hair accessories like ribbons, flowers, or barrettes to add an extra touch of romance to this already gorgeous style.

Blonde girl with long hair and a braided headband.

Curly Ponytail

If you want your hair out of the way this Valentine’s Day but still want to look glamorous, throw it into a curly ponytail. Whether you’ve got naturally curly hair or you want to take some time to curl your straight strands, a curly ponytail is a bouncy, flirty take on a simple hairstyle. The trick to a curly ponytail is keeping things sleek in the front and placing the ponytail relatively high on your head. This way, the voluminous curls can work their magic! Secure your pony with a velvet scrunchie, silk ribbon, or whatever makes you feel the most beautiful.

Woman in a white top with a high curly ponytail.

“Heart” Twist

What better hairstyle for Valentine’s Day than a romantic twist that’s literally heart-shaped? You can take this look out on your Valentine’s date night or wear it for “Galentine’s” Day brunch with your friends! All it takes is bobby pins, small elastic bands, and an optional hair ribbon for that extra touch of femininity. However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is a festive, sweet hairstyle that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Blonde hair tied into a heart-shaped twist.

Pinned Back Waves

For those who are fans of Hollywood glam, this is the style for you. These beautiful, voluminous curls are perfect for any Valentine’s Day date, party, or dinner. You just need a 2-inch curling iron, a comb, hairspray, and hairpin(s) of your choice. The top of this look should be smooth and then seamlessly flow into big, loose curls. Use a bejeweled pin or fancy barrette to pin back one side of your hair. Voila! You’ve got a romantic look that’s red carpet-ready!

Woman in a white dress turns her head to the side to show off glam waves.

Show Off Your Love of Hair Throughout the Year!

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