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Any City, USA

Any City, USA

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Any City, USA
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You can pursue your passion and have a successful career

June 29, 2021

Who says your passion cannot be your career?  Who says you can’t be successful in your career while pursuing your passion?

NOT US!!!!

If you already know what your passions and interests are, then a multi-disciplinary education – college or university – might not be the best fit for you.  A big complaint among college students is that they have a load of course requirements that do not necessarily relate with their area of interest or career aspirations.  Career training eliminates a lot of the trivial coursework and helps to save money in the process.

Here are some key differences:


  • Costs less
  • Focus on career preparedness
  • Hands-on learning
  • Small class sizes
  • Shorter process
  • Specific & relevant curriculum
  • Taught by licensed professionals
  • Real world brought into the classroom
  • Tight-knit community
  • Close mentorship opportunities


  • More expensive
  • Focus on academics
  • Most courses taught in lecture halls
  • Large lecture halls
  • 4 years + potential graduate school
  • Broad, interdisciplinary education
  • Taught by professors
  • Internships
  • Big social scene
  • Potential for lab experience

Think Career Training IS the best fit for you?  Contact our Admissions team for assistance.  Financial aid available to those who qualify.  Call us at 919-792-1722 or fill out a form for more information!

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