Checklist for Scheduling a Tour at ESI Durham

Considering cosmetology at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI) Durham? Awesome! We’re thrilled you’re thinking about joining us! But before you start the enrollment process, it’s essential that you schedule a tour. This meeting will give you an opportunity to meet staff, ask questions, and physically see our campus.

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Here’s a checklist for setting up a tour of ESI Durham:

How to Set Up a Tour

To set up a tour, do one of the following:

  • Call us
  • Fill out an online form
  • Stop by for a visit

What to Bring

When you go on your tour, we suggest that you bring a parent, friend, sibling, or another person you trust with you. Pursuing your education is a big deal; bring someone with you for support so they can help the tour seem less overwhelming! It’s also a good idea to bring something to take notes with, your phone for photography, and your ID/transcripts in case you decide to enroll after your tour.

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What to Expect

At the beginning of your tour, our welcoming staff will greet you. You’ll meet our admissions director, who will take you on the tour. As you tour our facility you’ll get the chance to look into classes, talk to students, and meet educators. This tour is a great chance for you to ask us questions and we’ll do our best to give you the best answers possible!

What to Ask

Here are some of the questions you should ask:

  • What is your school’s culture?
  • What are the educators like?
  • What is the teaching style like at this school?
  • How can the courses prepare me for the future?
  • Is there scheduling flexibility?
  • What’s the average student like?
  • What’s in the kit that I’ll receive?
  • Is there financial aid?
  • Do you know of any students with experiences similar to mine?

Why Schedule a Tour?

Once you’ve toured our school, it’s up to you decide what comes next! Whether you feel ready to make a decision on the spot, or you want to go home and mull it over, it’s all up to you. Touring ESI Durham is the best way to have face-to-face conversations with us and get a feel for what our cosmetology program is really like. Of course, you can ask questions over the phone or via email, but nothing beats an in-person conversation when it comes to making choices about your education.

Schedule Your Tour Today!

Ready to come and see what we’re all about? Give ESI Durham a call today! We can’t wait to meet you!

Learn more about the benefits of scheduling a tour in our eBook!

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