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Here at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Durham we have built a special place for the members of our community to gather. It’s a place where people of all sexual orientations, races, social statuses, and genders can come to feel accepted while pursuing their dreams of beauty.

We have become a pillar in our community for creating a safe space for our students, and because of that we are known for making the community as a whole feel loved and cared for. Matt Haverkamp, one of our owners, has made it his goal to give back to the community of Durham in gratitude for what the community has done for him and his dreams.

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A Relationship Unlike Any Other

For Matt, the community is everything. Growing up, his parents were deeply involved in the community he was raised in. Matt says, “My wife’s family does a lot of community outreach as well. There is always some piece of community that everyone was involved in.”

Because of this, it makes sense of how involved ESI Durham is. “We are family. Everything that we do [at ESI, Durham] has an impact on our community. We are all in this together. We work side-by-side. I saw a community that was accepting of all races, sexual preferences, and social status, and I wanted to be involved in that. It comes from a place of realizing that everything I do has a deeper effect. Through age, I have realized that I can’t go through life taking things without giving things back.”

Giving a Helping Hand

ESI Durham has been mindful to give back since the beginning. With benefits for causes and community outreach, we are no stranger to giving a helping hand. Matt is very excited and proud of past and future events that Durham has and will be involved in. “We have a program in play to work with other community partners to provide vouchers for those who need our services but can’t pay for them. We plan to work with different crisis centers, rehabilitation centers, and ministering centers. We are just scratching the service of what we want to do. We are excited to put on food drives, and toiletry drives for those that are in need. We are really focusing on implanting these events now. In the meantime, we have donated to many charities..”

This year, we had the honor to visit St. Baldrick’s Foundation. A volunteer and donor powered charity focused and committed to supporting and finding a cure for childhood cancer. St. Baldrick puts on many events and fundraisers to support their kids. From 5K dashes to coming together to shave each other’s heads in support of those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. We really look up to St. Baldrick and their work. So much that we helped shave the heads of the brave ones that stood up to cancer! Being able to be involved with foundations that are making a difference means so much to us! So much, in fact, that we are involved with multiple amazing foundations. Foundations such as:

All of these organizations mean so much to all of us. During the early days of ESI Durham, Matt was blown away by the love these people gave him. “In the early stages of looking to start the school, I would talk to people to know the ins and outs of the Durham area. I came across these three organizations, and I was a huge fan of what they do. Each of them helped me navigate the area and really helped me get on my feet. The least I can do is support them just as they have supported me.”

“All three of these groups have this infectious amount of energy of what they are doing, so much that you can’t help but want to be part of it all. Everyone helps each other out. It’s never one-sided.”

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The Ripple Effect

We all know that when you see something good, you want to pass it along. As small as a smile to a stranger or opening the door for someone can create a ripple effect to something life-changing. We hope that our community outreach inspires you to get out there and to get involved. Be the good you wish to see in the world. Matt says, “You don’t live in a vacuum. A vacuum takes and takes and never gives anything back. Everything you do affects someone. You have to be constantly mindful of your actions. These are the lessons I want to teach my kids.”

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining a beauty school that is heavily involved with the community, then ESI Durham may be the perfect place for you! Contact us to receive more information and to check out our programs. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming events that we have going on. Check out some of our past ones here!

Events in the Future

ESI Durham is always looking for new opportunities to put on an event and involve our community. Here’s a hint at what’s coming next: we 💙 our veterans.

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