Five Fun Jobs You Can Master While in Cosmetology School

If you have been considering beauty school but have responsibilities or financial burdens that are keeping you from your dreams, they don’t have to!

At Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Durham we want everyone to reach their dreams. By providing qualified teachers, a strong curriculum, and the support you need to get through the hard times, we strive to help you get from your first day at school to your first day at your new career and beyond. That commitment to your success, however, goes beyond the foundation of support that we pride ourselves on.

At ESI Durham we are proud to also offer a half-time schedule that makes it easy for you to maintain your responsibilities and even hold down a job while attending school! Financial responsibilities are the number one reason people don’t follow their dreams, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you need to work while attending school here are five great jobs you can have while you complete your program.

No matter what stands in your way, you can still reach your dreams! Contact us today and see how we are ready to support you on your journey.

  1. Front Desk or Receptionist

    Receptionist working in a salon

    This may be one of the best jobs you can get while working through cosmetology school. Salons and spas need good people to help man the front desk and schedule appointments. Working at the front desk of a salon or spa while you are in school is a great way to not only build connections with local businesses, but you can also begin understanding the beauty industry long before you graduate.

    Customer relations, product sales, and even interpersonal relationships are valuable skills to have in this industry and mastering them before you graduate can really help to get a leg up!

    • Don’t Discount Other Receptionist Jobs

      If you can’t find a position at a local salon or spa – do not fret! Working as a receptionist in other customer service related fields, from dentists to car dealerships, can help you to master the same skills and give you experience before you begin building your career in beauty.

  2. A Beauty Supply Store

    Woman checking someone out at a beauty supply store

    If you love beauty, why not surround yourself with it while you pursue your education? Working at a beauty supply store can give you the opportunity to master your customer relationship skills and keep your knowledge of all things product up to par!

  3. Set Assistant

    Woman washing hair.

    Cosmetologists that work in the entertainment industry as always in need of help. Often responsible for the hair and makeup or performers in stage, film, or television productions. That’s a lot of hair and they are in need of someone who can assist in getting their models ready, and make sure the right tool is at the ready. That could be you!

    If you have any interest in working in the entertainment industry, a job like this could help give you the foot in the door you need.

    • Salon’s Need Assistants Too!

      In addition to working as a set assistant, you might also be able to secure a position in a salon or spa as a floor assistant. Working directly with customers you may be able to wash and deep condition hair. You may also be in charge of cleaning in between clients. This type of position can offer you great experience in the beauty industry and give you insight into how you can begin building your own career after graduation.

You can reach your dreams!

Are you ready to see how the educators and staff at Elevate Salon Institute, Durham are ready to support you? Begin your journey today! Contact our admissions coordinator and discover how ESI Durham can help you soar past the moon and land among the stars.

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