Meet Matt! Owner of ESI Durham

Just as all our students have different journeys into the world of beauty so do our owners. Matt Haverkamp, one of our owners and admissions coordinator found his way to Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Durham after years in corporate America.

While his journey into the world of beauty may not have been in the traditional route, Matt is passionate about his position and dedicated to his students. Matt genuinely displays how a career in beauty can lead to a joy you never expected.

It’s in the Family

Terry and Matt

A few months ago we had the honor of getting to know Matt’s co-owner Terry Richardson, and take a peek into her rich history and how that history has helped mold and shape our school. Terry’s influence has done more than help build a school based on those values and skills she has developed. She has influenced Matt to pursue dreams of his own.

After marrying into the family, Matt was in awe of all of the amazing things that Terry has done throughout the course of her career. Not only that, he was surprised to see all the opportunity that was available in the beauty industry.

Through most of his life, he had lived with the same assumption that many have, that the beauty industry is a dead end career. Terry showed him how far from the truth that was! After seeing the joy that she had after years of following her heart, he couldn’t deny his dreams any longer.

After years of working under the thumb of corporate America, he was tired of playing it safe. Matt wanted to create something for himself. With a desire to build something that would positively impact those around him, Matt sought to show his children that hard work and a quality education can help you achieve almost anything.

”We are building family here. Once you are in our circle, you are in.” – Matt Haverkamp

An Experience Worth Sharing

Matt’s career in corporate America has stretched over a wide expanse of fields. Matt has worked in customer relations, marketing, sales, and more. After working for major publications like USA Today and The Washington Post he took his knowledge deeper, developing skills in relating to future clients and developing rapport.

While the value of these skills is clear in many fields, these lessons can be even more valuable in beauty. Creating a strong client book, relating to clients, and managing a business is vital to building a strong foundation that will help your investment in your future shine.

Because these skills can lend so deeply into a positive career outlook, Matt goes above and beyond to ensure that these lessons are included in the curriculum of the beauty programs at Elevate Salon Institute, Durham. It is his experience in business that has given him the drive to succeed, and the passion to help those around them do the same.

”People buy from people. Success is in relationships, and relationships matter.” – Matt Haverkamp

Community at Heart

ESI frontage

There has been an unexpected joy for Matt in his journey from corporate America to the beauty industry. More than just in supporting future beauty professionals as they reach for their dreams, Matt has found an intense satisfaction in building a community around him.

By working with local nonprofits such as Dress for Success, Step up Ministries, and Partners for Youth Opportunity the staff at ESI Durham is dedicated to giving back to the community that gives so much to them. More than giving back, they know the value in building relationships with the local businesses that have done so much to develop the neighborhoods they call home.

Community is valuable, and by working to develop the next generation of beauty professional ESI Durham is building the values that make Durham strong. That makes it home.

”Life can sometimes be unexpected and an [education in beauty] is an opportunity to give them another path.– Matt Haverkamp

At ESI Durham we are beyond honored to have the passions of our owners behind us, and are excited to combine their love into a school that does more than help build futures, it makes dreams possibility.

To learn more about the programs at ESI Durham and the dedicated staff behind them, schedule a tour today. With programs starting soon, you could be steps away from your own beautiful future.

Meet our owner, Terry! Click here to get her story.

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