Understanding Cosmetology

When you think of a hairdresser, you may picture a character out of your favorite hair-inspired movie like Beauty Shop, and while that image isn’t completely off-base, we know that being a cosmetologist is much more than hair. Here are 5 things that cosmetologists in North Carolina learn and how they can potentially translate into a career.

1. Esthetics

According to the state board standard, all cosmetologists who intend to get their license must be able to demonstrate techniques in esthetics in addition to their cosmetology training. If you love the idea of doing a color correction in the morning and a relaxing facial in the afternoon, cosmetology could provide you that versatility. If you find that you’re more interested in skincare and makeup application at the end of your training, you may choose to pursue a career as an esthetician after licensure.

waxing pot

2. Hair Removal

As a part of your practical testing for state licensure, you must be able to perform hair removal using tweezers, razors, cream, and wax. This means that your cosmetology training will require you to learn them all! Recent public emphasis on personal care and the “treat yourself” mentality has allowed waxing bars to become mega popular and highly in demand. In fact, just look at the top 10 waxing bars near Durham, NC according to Yelp. Waxing itself can become a career if you want it to!

3. Makeup Application

Feeling artistic? Makeup application is one skill that you learn as cosmetologist that can lead you to a career full of unique creations that can walk the runway or down the aisle. High fashion, editorial, bridal, and even natural makeup looks are all potential specialities for makeup artists! Local news stations, freelance gigs, and even spas and salons are looking to hire talented makeup artists who are well-trained and trustworthy, and with a cosmetology license, you could be on your way to one of these great opportunities.

makeup artist applying eye makeup

4. Manicuring

An attention to detail and a steady hand are two things you’ll need during the manicuring portion of your cosmetology training. Artificial nails, manis, and pedis are all skills you will be required to demonstrate. After licensure, proficient knowledge in these techniques and skills could mean a job in a nail salon, spa, or resort! Beautifully maintained fingers and toes are always in style, and the job outlook for manicurists and pedicurists is growing at a rate of 10% from years 2014-2024, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, which is faster than the average for many other careers.

IG worthy brows

5. Brow Coloring and Waxing

Thick dark brows have never been more popular. With training in brow tinting and waxing, you could specialize your skills and help women and men get the brows they dream of. Brow bars are becoming more and more common, and a track record of Instagram-worthy arches could land you your dream job as a brow artist!

Ready to Learn These Skills?

If you’re interested in learning one or all of these skills, check out the Cosmetology program at Elevate Salon Institute, Durham. To find out how to become a student, please contact us!

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5 responses to “Understanding Cosmetology”

  1. Thanks for pointing out that there is a large demand for makeup artists at local news stations and spas or salons. My daughter just started high school, and although she’s still considering her options, she thinks she might want to become a cosmetologist. I like the idea of her having a job that’s in demand. I’ll definitely show her this article so she can see what that career would be like!

    • Thanks Amy for your post! There is definitely a need for makeup artists, hair stylist, estheticians, and manicurists all throughout this industry. The great thing about Cosmetology is, it’s the umbrella for everything listed above. It allows you to be an asset to any business, salon, or spa that offers these services. Being versatile will allow you to walk through any number of doors to showcase your skills. As a Cosmetologist you are able to do nail, skin, hair, waxing, makeup, and facial services. We hope to meet your daughter and you when the time is right!

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