5 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Winter

Some might be dreading the incoming winter, but there’s no denying that colder temperatures will be here sooner than we think. With the colder season coming up, many are wondering what that means for their hair. One thing all of us are grateful for here in NC is the decreased humidity that comes with the lower temperatures. Of course, that doesn’t mean that humidity is gone completely and now we have to worry about the potential damaging effects the cold air could have on our hair. Don’t worry! Here at Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Durham, we want to make sure that people are caring properly for their hair in all seasons. Here are five ways you can protect your hair from this upcoming winter.

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Lower Your Shower Temperature

We thought we’d break the ice with the one that brings people the most grief. All anyone wants after coming home from the bitter and cold air is a shower turned up as hot as it can go. Unfortunately, the hot water can take away the moisture from your hair and makes it a nightmare to deal with in both humid and cold conditions. We don’t like this anymore than you do, but the cold water helps you control any unwanted frizz in your hair. It pains us to say it, but turning down the shower temperature is one easy way you can make sure your hair gets properly cared for.

Get Trims Regularly

This is an easier suggestion to follow because it’s something you already do. The only difference is that during the winter we recommend getting your hair trimmed more often than you would for the summer months. Your hair has been used to the extremely humid months of summer and the decrease in humidity can cause your ends to break easier. Getting a small trim more often than you usually do can also help control the frizz from the remaining humidity in the air. We’re not complaining about extra hair pampering!

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Wear a Hat

The easiest suggestion we have for you is to wear a hat to help protect your hair as much as possible from the winter temperatures. Not only will a hat protect your hair from the harsh winds of winter, but it will also help keep the moisture in your hair. It’s also a great way to hide your hair if you were in a rush that morning. Now you can skip the shower and unnecessary heat added to your hair through blow drying by covering up your hair. It’s like the saying goes: out of sight, out of mind.

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Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair

We get it, the winter months can get busy. We love the festive mood these next few months bring to our lives. However, with preparing for all the upcoming holidays ahead of us, it can become hard to remember to take care of yourself. No matter how busy you get, don’t forget to care for your hair! We’ve all been rushing out the door and haven’t had time to finish putting ourselves together. That’s okay! Like we said above, a hat is a good alternative to having wet hair when you’re in a hurry. Whatever you do, though, don’t go outside in cold temperatures with your hair still wet. Having wet hair makes it more vulnerable to break against the cold air. This goes back to being kind to your hair. This is one easy way to make sure your hair is getting the treatment it deserves.

Use the Right Products

For both humidity and colder temperatures, it’s important to apply the right products in your hair to keep it moisturized. You want to make sure your hair is getting the moisture it needs to prevent dryness. Your hair goes through a lot during the winter months. It has to deal with the cold air when you go outside along with the hot temperatures of your curling irons or blow dryers. Your hair is just going from one extreme to the next. To help your mane in this trying time, the best thing you can do is to provide it with the right products. The products can be one of the most important things to making sure your hair is cared for this winter. Make sure that you moisturize your hair regularly with a product that works best for you.

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Need Help Getting Ready For Winter?

Are you still unsure how to prep your hair for the winter? No problem! At ESI Durham, we love helping people decide the best way for them to care for their hair. If you’re looking for help with your hair this coming winter, schedule an appointment with us*!

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*All services provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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