Meet Molly, Our Esthetics Instructor!

Fresh. Clean. Beautiful.

These words describe a career in esthetics almost perfectly, but they also describe the amazing esthetics instructor that we are proud to have at Elevate Salon Institute(ESI), Durham.

Molly Tate joined our team with our first class in early 2018. We were honored to have such an amazing instructor and passionate professional on our staff. She brings an air of passion and dedication to our team and to our students. We hope everyone who walks through our doors benefits.

Get to know Molly and all of her accomplishments here.

Following Her Passion

Twenty years ago Molly made a decision to follow her dreams and enrolled at Guilford College in Jamestown, North Carolina. Esthetics was still fairly new at the time, but Molly knew what she wanted in her career and how she wanted to build her future. Enrolling in their esthetics program, she embraced her dreams and began her journey into a career in skin care and spa work that has filled the past few decades with excitement and dedication.

Her education didn’t end there, however, she continued to expand her knowledge by taking specialty courses with brands like Dermalogica and the Dermal Institute.

By putting so much dedication and effort into her education she has built a career that has taken her down paths she expected and some that she did not.

Creating a Dream

When she began her journey into esthetics she was expecting to create a career that could help her support herself and her family, the adventure she has taken since then has been one for the history books.

With career experience in day spas, med spas, and even makeup exclusive companies, Molly has spent a lot of time perfecting her skills in the careers that many people associate with esthetics professionals. In addition to that, she has expanded her skills and experience in career opportunities that many people don’t think of.

Wedding makeup, modeling agencies, doctors’ offices, cosmetic stores. So many people aren’t even aware of these career options in this industry, but Molly has not only experienced them, she has developed a greater knowledge because of them.

”My favorite part about the industry in some form or fashion is making a client feel confident and beautiful when she leaves my room.”

Finding Her Calling

One of the opportunities she was presented with was the chance to judge the Miss Teen North Carolina Pageant. This was a great experience that let her look into the aspirations of the next generations and help be a positive influence on the youth of today.

However, it was not her experience at the pageant that influenced her decision to move into education. That change was rooted her time managing a med spa. She was having a hard time finding employees who had adequate training to do the job, even if they had received an education. So, she decided to make a change.

”As an educator, I enjoy teaching students to not only pay attention to the service at hand and how you help them look but also be mindful of how you make another person feel. That is true beauty.”

Building a Future

On her journey to becoming an educator, Molly found herself at ESI Durham. She was impressed with the beautiful staff and with the closeness and dedication that they displayed. Most importantly, their educational philosophy matched her personal goals, with a passion for striving to develop future professionals that are ready for the industry.

It was that most of all that brought Molly into our family as our esthetics instructor.

At ESI Durham Molly is able to spend time with each student and help them develop their individual skills and ignite their passions. It’s the human side of the industry that she loves, and it’s the human side that she helps build and beautify.

Are you ready to embrace a future that fills you with this much excitement?

Contact us today to schedule your tour! We would love to introduce you to our beautiful facility, and show you how our dedication to your success can help you build a future that wakes you up with a smile and makes you excited for the days to come.

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